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Contracting is not like the normal 9 to 5, so the way you manage your contract doesn’t fit into the normal model of running a business. Whether you go contractor umbrella company or Limited, Umbrella Company Net will provide you with the tools to make sure you make the right decisions for you.

New to Umbrellas

This is the starting point for all contractors who have never used an umbrella or are interested in getting a refresher with the latest legislation changes. Start your umbrella company journey here.

Limited Company Guide

If you’re not sure if you want to go down the umbrella company route then you need to get a good understanding of how Limited Companies can benefit you when contracting. Read our Limited Company articles.

Contractor Mortgages

Sooner or later every contractor will have the need to apply for a mortgage but most banks don’t understand the business model of contracting. If you’re in this boat then our mortgages for contractor section is for you.